‘Who God Is’ Devotional Cards

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I am so excited to introduce…

The ‘Who God Is’ Devotional Cards

Let us EQUIP our families and our hearts with TRUTHS about Who God is!

God has graciously chosen to reveal Himself to humanity.

When talking about God and the Scriptures, it’s important to keep Jesus as the central figure of every story. We want to know how amazing God is and in turn, follow and love Him all the more.

These cards and verses paint a small picture of who God has revealed Himself to be in the Bible. May they be a tool in us revering and being in awe of Him!

‘What were we made for? To know God. What aim should we set ourselves in life? To know God.’ – J.I. Packer in Knowing God.

Use these devotional cards, to turn your family towards prayer, praise and meditation before God:

‘How can we turn our knowledge about God into knowledge of God? The rule for doing this is simple but demanding. It is that we turn each Truth that we learn about God into matter for meditation before God, leading to prayer and praise to God.’ – J. I. Packer in Knowing God


  • VOLUME 1 & 2: 22 DOUBLE SIDED cards: one side has an attribute of God; the other side has one Bible verse picked to show that truth with extra verses to look up as well! On some cards, where applicable, there are alternative titles for the attribute;
  • OR both volumes of 44 DOUBLE SIDED cards with a keepsake calico bag and wooden stand for displaying.


  • A6 thick and silky cards;
  • Rounded edges for little hands;
  • Landscapes on each card by Trudy, to depict the attribute of God (all creation sings His praises);
  • Cards make great devotions, memory verse tools and discussion starters around the dinner table, before bed, upon waking or whenever you’d like;
  • Great tools for bedside tables, classrooms and churches!

These truths are to be meditated on regularly, so that they sink right to the bottom of the soul.

Hang, display, memorise, gift, bluc-tac up!

These luscious thick cards are beautiful to hold. A6 size is 10.5 x 14.8cm.


‘I desired…the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings,’ says God in Hosea 6:6


All lettering and design are the original work of Trudy.

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Suitable for all ages!




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