‘Beloved of God’ Affirmation Print (Downloadable)

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A landscape print.

This is the first part of a benediction that is regularly repeated in our family. We speak it over ourselves. What we fill our minds with, and that includes the words that we say and things we hear – become us.

You are not what you DID today, you are not what you HAVE in possessions today, for you are the BELOVED of God. He is after your connection to him as a daughter and a son. Embrace that fullness of identity you already have available, and sit in that assurance. We not need to strive for identity, it is already complete.

You are far more than your actions or your belongings. Put them down, and TAKE UP your belovedness.



INCLUDED: Downloadable A4-A1 size.

Designed by Trudy Henley in Australia. All prints are for personal use only. They cannot be resold/redistributed. 



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